• Ultralight and easy assembly without tools in a few minutes

  • Ecological, does not affect animal or vegetable life

  • Simple and intuitive driving by means a single joystick

  • Works on all terrains: water, grass, ice and snow

  • Economics and quiets 4-Strokes engines

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Aero DC Ltda.

São José dos Campos - SP - Brasil


The Hovery is a hovercraft ultralight, personal and foldable.
Its patented structure can be folded without tools in a few minutes by one person and can be transported in a car or a boat.
The Hovery flies over all kind of surfaces like water, mud, grass, land, snow, ice, etc.
The lift is achieved by means of the air pressure below the platform.
The air cushion has the lower face opened, so, it doesn’t drag de surface with the skirt.
The skirt is used to seal laterally the bubble of air.

The skirt has the shape of an open tube with very low pressure of air coming from the propeller and can be deformed with the obstacles.
Small damages in the skirt don’t affect the normal operation and can be easily repaired later.
When the engines are turned off on the water, it floats like a boat by means of four internal floats. An electrical air pump is provided with the Hovery, to fill the floats, connecting in the panel plug of any car.
The maintainability is very cheap because the only movable components are the engine


The Hovery is environmentally friendly:

- It doesn’t have underwater propeller that could damage plants and marine life.
- It doesn’t pump oil and petrol fumes into the water.
- It doesn’t make underwater noise.
- It doesn’t leave vestiges where it passes.
- The Hovery Bimo uses 4 strokes engines that accomplish with all the international noise and pollution rules.

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Hovery hovercraft - Video