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The company Aero DC, was originally an aircraft maintenance repair station and kit planes builder, located at Posadas, Misiones, Argentina. It was moved on 2002 to São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil, and since that time, is dedicated only to the manufacture of the Hovery hovercraft. The owner is the Aeronautical Engineer and Plane Pilot Alberto Dei Castelli with aeronautical experience since 1978 in maintenance and structural design in Argentina and Brazil. During all these years he studied and constructed hovercrafts and designed, patented and developed the Hovery.


The Hovery was exported to countries of the 5 continents:

Visit us:


Rua Noel de Oliveira Campos, 191
Bairro Flamboyant
CEP 12227-791
São José dos Campos – São Paulo
Tel/Fax: +55 (12) 3942-1514
Cel: +55 (12) 99721-2484

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